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Spring ...and State Guard Tradeshows!

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

Are we already in 2019?  Yup--and the grip of winter is beginning to yield to the soft touch and sweet smell of spring.  Wait--WHAT?  The White House is covered in show today?   Well, here in Florida Jeep tops are coming off and the sunshine is plentiful so I guess it is okay to talk about Spring.   Spring brings flowers, bees, birds, and all kinds of State Guard shows nationwide.  From Kentucky at the beginning to Pennsylvania at the end, there will be plenty of opportunity to network with Guardsmen from all across the Nation in their own backyards.  

I have been doing this for a few years and the key to success at these shows is whether the State gets people there.   And along with that, whether the State gets the RIGHT people there.    I love talking to everyone but some people are more conducive to selling larger quantities of lights.  If I can talk to a Company Commander, or a Battalion Commander, or even a USPFO, I may get an audience that will recognize my products when a request comes from below.   I can have the best booth and all of my lights can look gorgeous but if there is no one to see them, it does not matter.    Some states seem to have this down to a science.  They hold the conference in an easily accessible place.  They have events for kids and spouses--and they get their leadership's support.    A few states even ensure the TAG or at least his team stops by the vendors for a quick chat.      Even a few minutes of someone's time can be helpful--you never know what you will learn from them.  

Well, the calendar is filling up.  Tennessee is coming up soon in Murfreesboro.  I hope to see you on the road at a show really soon!

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