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Military Tradeshows in Triplicate!

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

This time of the year is CRAZY.  Almost every state and territory has a Conference...and then some of the "big ones" are thrown into the mix, like the Army Aviation Association of America's National Conference.   This year, Quad-A is being held at the Opryland Hotel, which is SUPER AWESOME on several levels... 1. I love the hotel, 2. Everything is right on site, 3. Fort Campbell is nearby and 4.  I LOVE this show. 

Unfortunately not everyone can bow to the Quad-A calendar when they are scheduling remember the MS NG I mentioned in an earlier post?  How they go out of their way to make vendors feel wanted and welcomed?  Well, the have a show at the SAME time as Quad-A.  

And then there is a little local Parachute show....almost at the same!

So we will ALL be on the road next week:  Me and Lilly and Sue.  So if you are in Mississippi stop by and tell Lilly hello.  If you are at AAAA, give Sue a shout out...and I hope to catch you locally and then at Quad-A because you can't keep me off of the road when there are Soldiers to visit!