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Lots of Work Goes into Covert Lighting--Even When it Comes to Labeling

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

So we make lights--cool, cutting-edge, "no one else is doing THIS kind of stuff" lighting.  I can easily make that claim because in the early 1980's when we started with the covert lighting we were the only company using (Light Emitting Diodes) LEDs like we were... I mean you had some LED indicators here and there but no one was using them for actual illumination.  There were no white LEDs then...heck there were not even any blue LEDs!  So when my Dad and Grandfather made the World's First "covert" map light they did it with a crazy disco looking ring of LEDs with a big fat incandescent bulb and filter in the middle.

But I am not here to talk about that.  I want to talk about the labels--yes, labels.   Each amazing light needs an equally amazing name, manual and labeling.  I will save the first two for another day...but as I am in the process of trying to create and order labels for the new Phantom PTOC™ tent and shelter lights, I am again humbled at how HARD this is and how some people make it look easy.

We decided we wanted the name to be visible from across the tent.   We know we need to have part numbers and NSNs on them...and of course our "Made in the USA" notation--but how should it look and what colors are appropriate?  Other lights use black lettering and on an OD background that would be hard to see.  We know that these new lights are going to be placed on a dark green aluminum housing.     I decide to try to compliment (not match) the green on the case.  After much trial and error we have a working copy and the order is placed.  Let's see how the labels turn out...