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Thowback Thursday, Phantom Style.

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

Today is Thursday...and I'm thinking about a throwback... It's very unusual for companies these days to build things that last.  It seems that planned obsolescence, or the procedure of building something that will only last for so long before it dies and needs to be replaced, is the new "little black dress" that goes with everything produced and sold these days. 

#NotOurLights  Phantom Lights, which have been available since the 80's, have never been built that way.  We have always built things to last.   Maybe it's the fact that our lights are used for combat not camping, or that we hate to be wasteful, or that it's just not in our DNA to build junk...I don't know.  But what I do know is that it is not usual to be told "I have had my Phantom Warrior flashlight for 13 years," or "I took my light on deployment and now I'm giving it to my kid for his."    Yes, we built them to be intergenerational and reliable.  Look at this letter...

This is an ORIGINAL Phantom I (pre-Phantom Warrior®!) and this gentleman got an upgrade but wanted us to have the original back so we could put it in our display case--simply awesome!

In this world of discards and disposables we want you to know that we stand behind our products--all of them--from now until #TBT!