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Phantom Saberwand® - Dual Color Red/Green


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Control traffic and demand attention with a Phantom Saberwand® traffic wand light

  • This traffic wand light changes instantly to flash red or green to easily direct traffic.
  • Phantom Saberwands are compact, lightweight, and easy to see with LED illumination.
  • Infantry uses include drop zone lighting, landing zone lighting, and night time troop control.

It’s time for a better traffic wand light. That’s why Phantom Lights developed the innovative Saberwand® for convenient, unignorable illumination. This traffic wand light brilliantly provides law enforcement and traffic controllers with an ability to direct traffic and demand oncoming drivers’ attention. Using the latest technology, this compact and lightweight traffic wand prevents officer fatigue and can fit in a pocket or snap onto a belt clip. Saberwand is not just another flashlight. This particular Saberwand features red and green LED lights, a yellow case, and pocket clip. Get yours today.


  • LED color: Red/Green
  • White wand
  • Yellow case, finned switch
  • Pocket clip included
PHANTOM SaberWand RED and GREEN This SaberWandbrilliantly provides law enforcement and traffic controllers with a wand to effectively direct traffic and demand oncoming drivers attention! Infantry uses have included DZs, LZs, and night time troop control.

The SaberWandis fabricated using the latest technology to provide the user with a compact, lightweight, easy to see bright LED light source for effectively guiding traffic. Its light weight avoids officer fatigue. Its compact size permits it to be placed in a pocket or snapped into a belt clip accessory.

It is not a flashlight with a snap on cover that - likeolddesigns - is easy to lose. SaberWandis a specialized movement lighting device used by ground crews, fleet maintenance, artillery field personnel, and even the Cavalry! that it is always readily available, thereby eliminating fumbling in the trunk, looking for a wand to snap onto a flashlight.

RED and GREEN LEDs with a WHITE wand, yellow case, and pocket clip.

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