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Mississippi Sets the Bar High–Proud to Be Part of the Mississippi Guard Family

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

We just got back from the National Guard Association of the United States #NGAUS15 show in Nashville, and I wanted to share the huge impression made by the members of the Mississippi National Guard.

We get requests quite frequently from various entities asking for support via money or products. As a small company our resources are limited; however we do try to share as much as we can with those around us, so we sponsor different things from time to time. One of the places we offer support is by becoming partners with various State National Guard Associations. As I have mentioned in prior posts, the level of gratitude/recognition wavers from entity to entity. It is not on everyone’s priority list–I get it–especially with our Military as they are busy protecting our freedom. That having been said, there is a level of expectation that someone would at least say a “thank you” for the assistance. We don’t need any more plaques or glass sculptures…that makes me feel like I just bought my own gift…just a little human connection would be appreciated. Well, let me say that National Guard Association of Mississippi really turned out en masse this weekend to show their appreciation.

LTC McDaniel, the Deputy Director of the National Guard Association of Mississippi, not only made several visits down to see us at the booth, but it seems that entire Miss. contingent took time to stop by and say thank you. We met so many great people, from the TAG and members of the BOD, to the members themselves…all expressing their excitement at our support. LTC McDaniel is a social media guru as he kept the MS Team updated with tweets @nationalguardMS and posts https://www.facebook.com/NationalGuardAssociation... giving members location and time information for all of the activities of #NGAUS15, including sponsor booth locations…which helped them to plan visits. The Hospitality Room was amazing and fun and had great food…and sponsor mentions which is nice. It was a great event, well planned and well executed.

My point is, and this is what I told everyone the whole weekend, is that even if MS never buys another light from us (yikes!) we have been appreciated and that Mississippi has really set the bar high for other entities. That extra effort goes a LOOONG way, trust me! Thank you Mississippi Guard Family!! We will see you in Tupelo!!