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  • Phantom BEASTBEAM360 shown pipe mounted.

Phantom BEASTBEAM360™ Portable Vehicle Light, Red/Blue


Product Description

The BeastBeam360™ police vehicle light is portable, durable, and reliable.

  • With red/blue flashing light, this portable police vehicle light lets you travel, serve, and protect anywhere. 
  • This unit has a 10-foot cord and plugs in through the car adapter port. 
  • Easily operate even when you have to rent a car and need a marker for VIPs.

Introducing the BeastBeam360™, the world’s first and best portable police vehicle light which is easy to affix to any vehicle. Follow the lead from the U.S. Department of State and get this red/blue flashing police vehicle light. Small enough to fit in your carry-on bag, and durable enough to attach to the roof of any car with a sturdy magnetic base, the BeastBeam360™ is the ultimate companion for those times when you have to rent vehicles but need them marked for VIPs or other operations. Just plug into the cigarette lighter and you’re off!


  • Light: Red/Blue flashing
  • 10-foot cord/car adapter
  • Magnetic base
Follow the lead of the US Department of have to rent vehicles but you have to mark them for VIPs. Grab a Phantom BEASTBEAM360 and pop it in your carry-on bag. When you land at the airport, use the magnetic base to attach it to the roof of the car and plug it into the cigarette lighter and you are off!

This unit flashes red and blue and has 10 feet of cord attached to a car adapter.

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