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Illuminate the night with these 14x14 military tent lights.

  • These 14x14 military tent lights work for small plans, vans, and tents or orders and planning sites requiring even, diffused lighting. 
  • The Phantom Lights kit features two Phantom Lo-Pro Lights, two Phantom Seal beam lamps, a power pack, and more.
  • All military tent lights from Phantom come encased in a fully ruggedized foam line case.

If you’re looking for even, diffused, and functional lighting for your van, tent, or other planning, site, then you need to get these 14x14 TOC military tent lights from Phantom. Our lights mount firmly to whatever space you need with alligator clamps. The 14x14 TOC extension military tent lights feature 2-4 Phantom Lo-Pro Lights, 2-24 VDC Phantom seal beam lamps with dimming, 8-input wire, alligator clamps, and power feed, two football-shaped lenses, a power pack for all lights, a 24VDC transformer, BUS bar adapter, and SINGCGARS radio battery adapter. Illuminate your planning area with the best military tent lights from Phantom.


  • 14x14
  • 12 straight cord jumper and Y-splitter


KIT2-3 TOC EXTENSION: 14 X 14 Works for Small Plans Vans and Tents or Orders and Planning Sites requiring even, diffused lighting, S20/S171 Shelter; Contains: 2 4? Phantom Lo-Pro Lights (P252X), 22VDC Phantom Seal Beam Lamps (with dimming, 8 input wire alligator clamps and power feed through) 2football-shaped lenses, power pack for all lights (2VDC transformer, BUS bar adapter, and SINCGARS radio battery adapter) plus 12straight cord jumper, Y splitter, and ruggedized foam lined case.

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