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Phantom AZL-15 Red/Green/Blue Manual Light


Product Description

Experience illumination with the powerful red/green/blue manual landing zone lights from Phantom.

  • The AZL-15 was developed through a joint effort by Phantom and several branches of the U.S. military.
  • These red, green, and blue landing zone lights are manually operated and visible from up to 10 miles out. 
  • Solid-state LED bulbs with four intensity levels illuminate runways, landing zones, or whatever else your operations call for.

The AZL-15 is the only portable landing zone light which meets the USAF candela specification, but it also comes with a myriad of colors for whatever your tactical needs are. This particular AZL-15 landing zone light features powerful hues of red, green, and blue and manual operations make this portable light easy to operate and carry with you. With programmable security codes to allow for operation of multiple lights within one zone, this is the ultimate tool for your tactical and landing zone operations. Get yours here today.


  • Solid-state LED lamps
  • Red/Green/Blue
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Requires four AA batteries
  • Two bungee mounts

The Phantom AZL-15 is the ONLY solid-state portable landing zone light that meets the USAF 15 candela (white) specification. It was developed for USAF CCT in conjunction with DARPA, with additional input from USMC, US Army, and Air National Guard personnel. It was truly a JOINT endeavor and the result is a LZ/DZ light that is light in the rucksack and on the wallet.

The Phantom AZL-15 can be remotely controlled from up to 5000' away, and is visible 7-10 miles out. Each transmitter is pre-programmed to operate the lights shipped with it. Turn them on and off with the touch of a button. To conserve batteries, reduce intensity to one of any of four levels of light. For covert situations, change emitted light to infrared. Each Phantom AZL-15 kit light employs 4 commercially available AA lithium batteries which are very light, very compact, and have a total cost of $7.00.

The AZL-15 kit employs solid state LED lamps which eliminate bulb filament failure, and uses highly secure radio codes. These permit multiple users to operate independently within a single combat zone. Transmitters AND lights can easily be reprogrammed by users to a user-selected 4 number security code. Once programmed to a secure code, these lights cannot be controlled by other transmitters. An automatic, internal dark-activated switch permits light to automatically turn off in daylight, and includes a safety lockout to prevent accidental movement of switches ON. Switches on lights have labels embedded in plastic to prevent identification fading. All lights include 9 foot antenna if remote, and one set of 2bungee mounts.

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