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BellaBeam® Ground Marker Lighting, Green


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Get the efficient, green DZ lighting for your operational needs with the Phantom BellaBeam ground marker.

  • Our LED DZ lighting beats chemical lights in both performance and cost. 
  • The Green DZ ground marker provides 360-degree illumination in a compact battery-powered unit.
  • The Green DZ lighting from Phantom is NVIS compatible for pilots.

Tired of wasting money on expensive and unreliable chemical lights? Phantom has the answer. With our efficient and innovative BellaBeam® you get the perfect rapid-deploy marking light which provides 360-degree illumination in a single battery-powered unit. Installed in the same abuse-resistant housing as the Phantom Warrior flashlight, our DZ lighting beacons offer the versatility to clip onto personnel, vehicles, and antennae. With visibility up to two miles, the green BellaBeam® is the only NVIS compatible DZ lighting with a solar switch (to preserve battery) and a 50,000 hour life-vibration bulb. Use it to mark checkpoints, vehicles, tanks, aircraft, or traffic lanes. Get your compact DZ lighting today from Phantom.


  • Green LED Lighting
  • Steady/Flash Options
  • Runs On Four (4) AA Batteries
BellaBeamGREEN LED, STEADY AND FLASHING LIGHT Tired of wasting money on case after case of chemical lights? BellaBeam beat expensive chemical lights in both performance & cost. This is the perfect rapid-deploy marking light when you need 360 degree illumination in a compact battery powered unit. Installed in the same abuse resistant housing as the Phantom Warriorflashlight, the BellaBeam will give you the versatility to clip the light on personnel, or clamp it or magnetically mount it to a vehicle's body or antenna. The powerful beam is visible 360 degrees around and over two miles away . This unit can also be attached to poles to mark lanes or staked into the ground to illuminate drop zones, refueling points, or tent pegs. A solar switch is available to preserve battery life. The light weighs 1/3 lb, is approximately 6.5 inches long, has 50,000 hour vibration and shockproof bulbs and runs on 4 AA batteries, which last an average of 70 hours. The BellaBeamcan operate on a steady or flashing mode. Features: Mark hard to see personnel working checkpoints at night. Mark vehicles, tanks and aircraft in visible or IR light. Mark traffic lanes by slipping the light into traffic cones Mark PZ/DZ/LZs with ground stakes. Epoxy sealed circuitry Each bulb 50,000 hour life-vibration and shockproof Visible 2miles away Available in a range of colors: Night Vision Secure/Color Accurate Phantom White, NVIS Compatible Green (for pilots), Pure Infrared, Cobalt blue, red.

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