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Thowback Thursday, Phantom Style.

Posted by Victoria McDermott on

Today is Thursday...and I'm thinking about a throwback... It's very unusual for companies these days to build things that last.  It seems that planned obsolescence, or the procedure of building something that will only last for so long before it dies and needs to be replaced, is the new "little black dress" that goes with everything produced and sold these days. 

#NotOurLights  Phantom Lights, which have been available since the 80's, have never been built that way.  We have always built things to last.   Maybe it's the fact that our lights are used for combat not camping, or that we hate to be wasteful, or that it's just not in our DNA to build junk...I don't know.  But what I do know is that it is not usual to be told "I have had my Phantom Warrior flashlight for 13 years," or "I took my light on deployment and now I'm giving it to my kid for his."    Yes, we built them to be intergenerational and reliable.  Look at this letter...

This is an ORIGINAL Phantom I (pre-Phantom Warrior®!) and this gentleman got an upgrade but wanted us to have the original back so we could put it in our display case--simply awesome!

In this world of discards and disposables we want you to know that we stand behind our products--all of them--from now until #TBT!  

State Guard Conference Time

The New Year is no longer new and the calendar is starting to fill up.  Yes--it THAT time of year...it is time for the State Guard Association Conferences!  From February through July most states and territories will have their annual conference where they get together to do the State's business.  Often they will have small(ish) [...]

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Lots of Work Goes into Covert Lighting--Even When it Comes to Labeling

So we make lights--cool, cutting-edge, "no one else is doing THIS kind of stuff" lighting.  I can easily make that claim because in the early 1980's when we started with the covert lighting we were the only company using (Light Emitting Diodes) LEDs like we were... I mean you had some LED indicators here and [...]

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Did it really take a year to launch--YES!

I have kids...and when you get pregnant, you expect 9-10 months of chaos and pain to get those adorable, squirmy bundles of joy...but when you build a new website...ummm... Well, even though I have been (personally) building our web sites since the late 90's...I still stupidly think I can tell someone:  "It needs to do [...]

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NGAUS CAP...What is a Corporate Advisory Panel?

So last year around September of 2014 I became aware of the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Corporate Advisory Panel because the were looking for people to run for these elected positions.  I mulled the idea over for a year...wondered why, as an avid NGAUS fan, and show exhibitor, corporate partner and [...]

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Mississippi Sets the Bar High–Proud to Be Part of the Mississippi Guard Family

We just got back from the National Guard Association of the United States #NGAUS15 show in Nashville, and I wanted to share the huge impression made by the members of the Mississippi National Guard. We get requests quite frequently from various entities asking for support via money or products. As a small company our [...]

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Florida Guard show and the First Muster

So we have just returned from St. Augustine and the show for the National Guard Association of Florida. It was a good show. From a business perspective, it was great to have the Command Team highlighted at the Ring of Honor event because it gave us faces to go with the names. [...]

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Government %$# Contracting

So last week was our annual plant vacation/close down which left me and my brother in here pretty much alone. We had two shipments of lights to go out to the Government and with no one else in sight, the labeling and e-filing and shipping fell to me…wow! What a nightmare! What [...]

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State National Guard Shows

So the girls and I just returned from our third State National Guard show this week, Georgia, and we really had a great time. The location was beautiful, being on Stone Mountain, and the Georgia Guard Family is so friendly and helpful! Work-wise, it was successful–I continue to be amazed at how [...]

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I get a laugh every time a Soldier (BTW this is used generically for anyone in our US Military) asks me what the lumen output is of the flashlight. Oh. My Gosh…. marketing, marketing, marketing! They should be asking if the light will keep them safe. On the battlefield, unless you are a door [...]

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